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How many of you have gotten to sit in the Star Trek Captain’s Chair? Not many I am willing to bet. This was definitely one of the highlights of my adult geek life. This was actually a double geeky thing. I got to sit in the Captain’s Chair at E3, Yup, I’m that geeky :)

Star Trek Captain Dean Deanographics

When I first got to E3 I saw a few people in line at this particular booth waiting to have their pictures taken in the Captain’s Chair. I immediately got in line and do you know the first thought I had? I think it is best described in this image.

Picard Face Palm


Yeah, that’s right I immediately thought of how unworthy I was to be sitting in the Captain’s Chair. I mean I didn’t even work my way up to it. I never even sat in a fake Ensign’s chair or went to fake Star Fleet Academy. How am I worthy enough to even sit here? Speaking of the Picard Face Palm, it now comes in cookie form.

That’s life as a geek though, you live through these things that seem so real to you. You become fanatical about them, they inspire such passion in you that you learn all about these fake universes and canon and non-canonical stories and so on. You become part of the world and it means something to you. Now I have to admit, I have always been a Star Wars guy and I often was heard saying, “Star Trek sucks”. I believe it for a while because unlike Star Wars the payoff was not exactly immediate. Star Trek is so much more of a cerebral show that it took me many years to understand and get that. I would say that I am now a fan. I am not the craziest Star Trek fan but I am definitely a fan. So it was with one giant leap forward, that I sat in that Captain’s Chair, with fervor and a desire to once and for all defeat my¬†verisimilitude¬†toward Star Trek. I did it!

Did you guys have any geeky prejudices you needed to overcome? Do you have any that still exist? Let me know in the comments below, would love to hear from you!

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